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More Quotes about Hector Crawford from the people who knew him

Hector was a fascinating mixture of hard head businessman, real tough

thumping showman and an idealist. He was completely idealistic about TV as

a means of disseminating in a most unprecious sense of the word Australian


Ian Jones, Film producer, Author.

Hector was a true innovator and a mentor to me and many others.

Sigrid Thornton, Actor

We'll never forget it was Hector Crawford who first hoisted us up and over

the wall of disbelief about the local product. Thanks Hector, for showing

that we didn¹t only have to be an audience for somewhere else.

Graeme Blundell, actor, writer, producer, national TV critic for the

Australian newspaper.

Crawford was a one-man show in that full masthead sense. He was a showman.

He was one of the most important professional influences of my life.

Cliff Green, Screen Writer 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and 'Power without


I loved him.

John Dingwell, Screen writer, 'Sunday too Far Away'.

'Hector was an amazing salesman, a charismatic leader, and a great visionary

who truly believed in Australian drama, at a time when few others did. I owe

him much, admire him a great deal, and proud that we share Crawford blood.

Henry Crawford, Film producer 'Eureka Stockade' and 'A Town Like Alice'.

Hector was not just a pioneer, and a great producer, but a great Australian.

Terry Norris, Actor, Politician.

Hector didn¹t get rid of the cultural cringe. He just quietly proved that we

didn¹t need to have one.

Charles Œ'Bud' Tingwell, Actor/Director.

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