It wasn’t obvious at the time but my life before I turned to full time writing was a perfect preparation. I was born in the central Victorian gold mining town of Bendigo, the younger of two sisters, where my first job was in the local public library, followed by a stint in a university library.


Always an avid reader, my interest in music at that time was as strong as my love of books so for a while, the two ran neck and neck. A succession of jobs including secretary to a psychiatrist was followed by a period of time roaming Europe, where an ear for language came in handy for employment.


In Florence, on a sharp learning curve, I worked as a translator of commercial correspondence for a manufacturing company and learned how to make coffee. After returning to Oz two years later, an opportunity to work as a singer came up somewhat unexpectedly, and this affected my life for the next while.


For more than ten years I made a living using my voice, spoken and sung in recording studios and live performance in clubs. It was during this time that I also I undertook an Arts degree at Melbourne University, majoring in romance languages, linguistics and fine art, and this was when my first writing began, collaborating on the books for two musicals, both of which received limited performance. Yet strangely it was the experience of writing in my second language at university that really affected my desire to write in other forms, for it was then that the joyful freedom in writing really took hold.


After graduating, I worked behind a microphone for radio and daytime TV making a living and looking for opportunities. If I am honest, as a former librarian I thought that books were written by other people and so I was more than happy to take on a role at the HeraldSun newspaper as an Arts contributor. But, soon after that, I was smitten with the story of Hector Crawford, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"Hector" was published by Arcadia in October 2015. It won the 2016 RVHS History Publication Prize and was shortlisted for the Ashurst Business Literature Prize  in 2017.

The Piano Woman, my first novel was published by Arcadia in March 2021.