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Rozzi Bazzani is an award winning author who has written scripts, libretti and songs for theatre including two stage musicals together with a wide range of articles about music, theatre and performance for publication. She has been a regular contributor to the Arts pages of the highest circulation newspaper in Australia. 

Before she came to writing full time Rozzi worked as a singer in the recording studio and on stages across Australia, Italy and Germany and used her voice for both spoken and sung commercial work, backing some of Australia’s best known singers and supplying appropriate voices for anything from soap to sunglasses, and from face cream to dog food.

Returning to study, she graduated from Melbourne University majoring in Romance Languages, Linguistics and Fine Art. It was then that Rozzi’s love of reading (one of her early roles was as a librarian) and love of history inspired her first book, a fully researched biography of Australian TV mogul Hector Crawford ‘Hector’, which won the Victorian Royal Historical Society Publication Prize and was short-listed for the Ashurst Business Literature Prize.

Her first work of fiction was ‘The Piano Woman’ which was published in 2021 reflecting her lifetime love of music and performance in a mystery romance.

Rozzi still loves to sing whenever she can. She lives in a small town near the base of Mt Macedon outside Melbourne and, with her husband and two big poodles for company, is often seen walking on local tracks while considering the next plot twist for her newest book.

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