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After a long period of research and a long held belief in the importance of this story, I am proud to say that Australian Scholarly Publishing will release ‘Hector, The Story of Hector Crawford and Crawford Productions,’ on October 23rd 2015.  This has been a labor of love for me, to research and write about the lives of two great Australians. Hector and Dorothy Crawford’s lives (and everyone they employed to help bring their dream to fruition) have impacted on all of our lives in ways that even now I think most of us can’t fully comprehend. I hope this book goes some way to redressing that gap in our understanding and places Hector and his sister at the very pinnacle of Australian cultural heroes.


This book has been long and costly in terms of time, but some stories simply can’t be thought of in those terms.  I am delighted the story has finally been told, and I hope those who read it first of all will enjoy it, and maybe, feel as moved as I was, that Hector and Dorothy Crawford gave so much to the world we live in.


Australian Scholarly Publishing

Hector Crawford — the name remains synonymous with Australian television.
The tag line ‘This has been a Crawford Production’ still resonates with generations of Australians who grew up with his cops, the Sullivan family or any of the long line of productions that flowed from his legendary company.

His public façade is part of our collective memory, but the man behind it, and how his passion and drive changed Australian culture, is revealed in Hector.

In this compelling account of Crawford’s life Rozzi Bazzani recounts vividly how, as his influence grew, the off-screen politics employed by the TV networks and rivals to diminish his company’s power became as exciting as any of his on- screen dramas. 

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