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Hi and welcome. 


I really couldn't be happier with the reviews for my latest book Making Up Amanda


As an author you spend months by yourself with the characters and the story and sometimes, by the time your book comes out, you have no idea if people will like it. 

Thank goodness for people who love the book and its characters and then spend their time writing a review. 

I will be uploading all of the full reviews to a new tab here on my website but here are my favourite lines. 

A mesmerising and addictive read that I couldn't put down. I loved it. Highly recommended.

Gripping and compelling from start to finish.

Fast paced and so well written...its criminal construct delivered perfectly.


An edge of your seat crime story. I couldn't put it down.

Unexpected twists and turns keep it fresh until everything comes together in a very satisfying way.

Filled with fabulous characters that the author brings alive...

Kept me enthralled to the very end.

Read this in one day! I just had to know the ending.

Definitely has a place on my "forever shelf".

Must read...

Thank you to my lovely reviewers and thank you to all of my readers. Your support means the world to me as it does to all of the authors you support. 

As I work my way through the twists and turns of the next Bec Harpin mystery your support keeps me writing. 


Happy Reading



How many lies does it take to bury the truth? 


Making Up Amanda



A Cold Case Mystery


Ballarat, 1988. One night after a normal day of filming, movie star Amanda King got into a car outside her hotel and was never seen again.


A Cop Who Can’t Forget


DI Tom Burn was a young officer at the time King went missing. He is burnt out and close to retirement when hot shot police officer, DS Rebecca Harpin arrives in town to head a new investigation. Burn finds himself drawn back into the case that has haunted him his whole career. 


A Daughter Who Can’t Let Go


Marianna Del Re has given up everything to find out why her mother vanished from the film-set all those years ago. She arrives in town looking for her own answers as Police begin to investigate three other cases involving missing women. When Marianna starts digging and exposes long held secrets about the night her mother disappeared, Harpin and Burn are forced to consider that the person responsible might be living amongst them. And it’s a race against time to stop the killer from striking again.

Praise for The Piano Woman


‘What a fabulous read this was. It’s dual timeline entangling the past and present with a nice twist.’ 

Happy Valley - Books Read.


‘A real page turner in terms of story and plot. The gradual unravelling of ancestral secrets across four generations is skilfully executed.’

Chandani Lokuge author of ‘My Van Gogh.’


‘It was easy to get lost in this well written multiple timeline novel. Dabble in the present day and take a step back in time with memorable characters, it’s a guaranteed great read.’

Mrs B Book Reviews


‘Read the book in one day. I could not wait to see how the mystery unfolded.’


‘A wonderful story of a writer who is struck by a deep but fractured memory of her grandmother after hearing a stranger play a piano in a mall. I loved it.’ 

Amazon books


‘Well written endearing characters and an unpredictable plot.’

Mel’s Bookworm Reviews


‘The end wrapped up beautifully. I even shed a few tears when the whole mystery was revealed.’

Good reads.


‘As a fan of dual timeline novels this one hit the right notes. There is mystery and some romance and a well written compelling tale of families, traditions, and personal growth. Highly recommended.’

Author, Phillipa Nefri Clarke.


‘The structure of the book was very well executed maintaining the suspense throughout.. I was hooked until the end.’

Good reads.

‘I’m waiting for the sequel.’

Good reads


The Piano Woman

Finally, after a number of Co-Vid delays, my first book of fiction is available though the link below or at Readings,  Dymocks and all good bookshops. 

The Piano Woman is a story that highlights the fragility of family, the price of love and the importance of traditions that can sometimes save us from ourselves.

On the threshold of World War II, a young woman from a titled family in the south of England disappears, seemingly without trace. 

In 2016 on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, Maddison Browne is a romantic fiction writer who is lucked out in love and scared that her best days as an author are over. When she learns that she is to inherit an antique piano from a woman she has never heard of, she wonders why and is driven to find out. 

In England, Maddison unearths a century-old secret that leads her to a family she never knew she had and an entanglement in affairs of state, And she meets someone who might turn her life around. 

I am greatly indebted to a number of people who helped make it a reality. I thank all of them in the acknowledgements in the book but wanted to let them know how thankful I am for their assistance. 

I really hope you enjoy it!

 More praise for Rozzi Bazzani


“I knew from the start I was going to love this novel. I found all the characters relatable and loveable. I really enjoy stories when they slip back in time, and the tragic family secrets, and lies in this story were some of my favourite parts. I even shed a few tears when the whole mystery was revealed.” Sarah, Queensland.


“What a fabulous read this was, it’s dual timeline entangling the past and present with a nice twist. The Piano Woman has all the elements of a great contemporary

 fiction read, laced with detailed historical links.” Happy Valley Reads, Victoria


 “I loved its historical setting, the wonderful links between Australia and England, the characters (all whom I’d love to meet in person), and the voices of the different characters throughout the book.  I found it a rollicking story, enriched by history, location, with a touch of mystery and intrigue, a touch of love interest.” Margaret, South Australia.


 “A real page turner in terms of story and plot. The gradual unravelling of ancestral secrets across four generations is skilfully executed .” Chandani, Victoria 

‘Read this book in one day as I could not wait to see how the mystery unfolded and loved it!’  Paula, Melbourne.


‘I loved it , I’m waiting for the sequel.’ Lisa, Victoria 


‘As a fan of dual-timeline novels, this one hit the right notes. The story is set in Australia and England, in multiple timeframes. There is mystery and some romance and a well written, compelling tale of families, tradition, and personal growth. Highly recommended.’ Phillipa, Victoria.



Hector Crawford — the name remains synonymous with Australian television.

The tag line ‘This has been a Crawford Production’ still resonates with generations of Australians who grew up with his cops, the Sullivan family or any of the long line of productions that flowed from his legendary company.

His public façade is part of our collective memory, but the man behind it, and how his passion and drive changed Australian culture, is revealed in Hector.

In this compelling account of Crawford’s life Rozzi Bazzani recounts vividly how, as his influence grew, the off-screen politics employed by the TV networks and rivals to diminish his company’s power became as exciting as any of his on- screen dramas. 

‘Formidable research. Tells the rich story of Crawfords before as well as after television arrived.’ Jock Given, Media International Australia


‘Sub plots-indicate difficulties of Hector’s sister and his wives forging careers and wanting to marry and have families in the 1940’s–50’s.’ – Susan Lever, literary critic, and general editor of the Cambria Australian Literature Series


Detailed, and thoroughly researched – a keyhole into the times.’ Steven Carroll, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age


‘Entertaining…’ – Tom Gilling, The Australian


Narrative style for a general readership’. – Don Gibbs, RHSV


‘A quite incredible book about the life of radio the TV producer Hector Crawford.’ – Melbourne Observer

Who was Hector Crawford?

Hector didn¹t get rid of the cultural cringe. He just quietly proved that we didn¹t need to have one..

Charles "Bud" Tingwell Actor/ Director


Hector was not just a pioneer, and a great producer, but a great Australian.

Terry Norris Actor/ Politician


We'll never forget it was Hector Crawford who first hoisted us up and over

the wall of disbelief about the local product. Thanks Hector, for showing

that we didn¹t only have to be an audience for somewhere else.

Graeme Blundell Actor/ Writer/ National TV Writer The Australian


Hector was a fascinating mixture of hard head businessman, real tough

thumping showman and an idealist.  He was completely idealistic about TV as

a means of disseminating in a most unprecious sense of the word Australian


Ian Jones Writer/ Director/ Producer


Hector was a true innovator and a mentor to me and many others.

SIgrid Thornton Actor


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